• I can’t swallow my tablets

I can’t swallow my tablets are there any alternatives

如果你struggle to swallowtablets or capsules, you should always discuss this with yourdoctor and/or pharmacist. There are plenty of alternatives available.

Firstly you should check on thedatabaseavailable on this website to see if there is aag亚博网站 , adispersible,ororo-dispersibletablet available. If you are unable to find out from the database then you shouldask your pharmacistas they will have the most up to date information on what is available or the safe adjustments you could make to your medicines.

There are some medicines whichcannot be advertisedbecause they do not have a license but are available if prescribed by your doctor. Again your pharmacist will let you know if this is the case for your medicine.

Sometimes your doctor or pharmacist will suggest that youdisperse your tablets in waterbefore taking. This is similar to tablet crushing in how it may affect tablet coatings and absorption of the drug in your body. Therefore, you should only do it on theadvice of a professional.

If there are no alternatives which can be taken by mouth or you cannot take things by mouth, it is worth asking if there is apatch, suppository, cream or inhaled versionof your drug available. These are howeververy limitedas an alternative option.